A digital one stop shop

Cities across the world are releasing new digital tools to help their citizens easily access services, information and opportunities to participate.

Guelph is no different. We’re building myGuelph: a digital one-stop-shop to access services from the City. In 2016, we want to build up to two new digital services, to be built into the full myGuelph platform.

Our hope is that once myGuelph is completed, you’ll have a simple, customization portal to whatever you may need from the City, accessible online or through your mobile device. Click here for quick snapshot of the project to date.

Yes, it’s ambitious. Yes, it will take time. But we’re already hard at work.

When will it be done?

The comprehensive myGuelph platform, all wrapped up with a bow and with the wide variety of services integrated, should be available early in 2018.

Will I really not see results until 2018?

Quite the opposite, in fact! Because the project is so big and comprehensive, it would not be smart to keep it under wraps until the last moment. Instead, we’re launching bits and pieces as they become ready, so that you, the user, can test them out and tell us what meets your needs and what doesn’t. The feedback you provide will help make myGuelph better, as it grows.

How do I share my ideas for digital services that are relevant to me?

We held an extensive consultation in early 2016 to get the community’s feedback on which digital services could make their lives easier or businesses better. Click here to review the ideas which were submitted. Even though the official consultation is done, you can send ideas or questions at any time to opengov@guelph.ca. We hope you do!