Easy access to the services that matter to your life? That’s a livable city.

This article was published in the “Livable City” issue of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce magazine.  Local government in Ontario is deeply infused into the daily lives of its citizens. Sewers, sidewalks, streetlights, and swimming. Parks, parking, waste and water. Police and plows.  Planning and engineering work for new developments. And, believe it or not, much more. The City of Guelph … Read More

Tell us what digital services would make your life easier or business better

Cities across the world are releasing new digital tools to help their citizens easily access services, information and opportunities to participate. Guelph is no different. We’re building myGuelph: a digital one-stop-shop to access services from the City. In 2016, we want to build up to two new digital services, to be built into the full myGuelph platform. Tell us: What digital City … Read More

Things have been quiet, but not for much longer

Happy 2016, everyone. There’s been a lot going on here at Open Guelph. I mean, really a lot. This blog will finally be ramping up into high gear by the end of January. I’ll be chatting about the wide variety of projects underway related to modernizing our services to provide citizens with a great experience. Now, that’s obviously a big … Read More

This is Open Guelph

Hello! My name is Andy Best and I’m the Program Manager for Open Guelph here at the City. Open Guelph is about modernizing our service delivery so that you’re satisfied with all the interactions you have with us. Providing great customer service along the way is a big part of it, too. Now, that’s a big thing to say! And … Read More