From partnerships to piggy backs: City of Guelph helps innovators and entrepreneurs cross the chasm to Civic Tech market success

Learn how Guelph’s Civic Solutions Accelerator uses “the tailgate clause” to enable more customers to piggy-back on the Guelph tender to buy your solution. by Jeff Campbell, Mentor, Innovation Guelph The civic tech market is estimated to be $6 billion worldwide — certainly big enough to interest entrepreneurs and their investors. However, many entrepreneurs and their backers consider doing business … Read More

Watch Mayor Guthrie, CAO Thomson, Kithio Mwanzia, Kevin Tuer and Kirk Roberts launch the Civic Solutions Accelerator

We had a great launch event Monday for the Civic Solutions Accelerator. Here’s the video, featuring (in order of appearance) Guelph’s CAO Derrick Thomson Mayor Cam Guthrie Open Government Manager Andy Best A panel featuring Kithio Mwanzia of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, Kirk Roberts of Innovation Guelph and Kevin Tuer of Canada’s Open Data Exchange. Thanks to all who attended! … Read More

The Civic Solutions Accelerator launches today!

We are very pleased today to launch the Civic Solutions Accelerator, a pilot program that will enables the City of Guelph to work with entrepreneurs, startups, students and companies to create innovative solutions for complex municipal challenges. Please follow along at as we’ll be releasing a video each day this week highlighting the Accelerator and the three challenges our departments … Read More

The digital services you said would make your life easier or business better

Hi Guelph, Back in March we asked a simple question: what digital City services would make your life easier or business better? Here’s what you told us. City Council funded Open Guelph with $40,000 to build two new citizen-facing digital services. These services will eventually be integrated into myGuelph, a digital one-stop shop for all City services. For now, we’re building modules that improve … Read More

Open Guelph’s Civic Accelerator wins innovation award and grant funding

This summer, our Open Guelph initiative is piloting the Civic Accelerator, a program which will open up the City of Guelph to companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups with innovative ideas for solutions to better serve Guelph citizens. The Accelerator builds on the experiences of similar civic innovation projects with successful outcomes from San Francisco, Amsterdam and Montreal. By involving the business and … Read More

What’s that guy up to? Andy Best, week of April 18

Oh, hello! My name is Andy Best and I’m your friendly neighbourhood manager for open government here at the City of Guelph.  When I can, I’m writing these posts sharing my top priorities for a given week, the meetings I’m having and the books/articles that are influencing our thinking here at Open Guelph. Here we go! The temperature is rising on the Civic … Read More

Talking about cities at the Canadian Open Dialogue Forum

On March 31 and April 1, with two colleagues from the City of Guelph, I attended and participated in the Canadian Open Dialogue Forum in Ottawa with an international list of speakers and attendees. We made excellent connections that have the potential to at the very least share knowledge and most likely lead to new relationships and collaboration. One key … Read More

What’s that guy up to? Andy Best, week of April 11

by Andy Best The Open Government Manager… what’s that guy up to? Who cares what the open government manager is doing? Well, given that I’m a public servant, you might. Even if you don’t, this info can be helpful to understand the range of projects Open Guelph is involved with or supporting across the City. It’s also helpful to understand … Read More

myGuelph consultation report taking a little longer than expected

Hi everyone, We’d promised by the end of this week to have a full report to you which analyzed the results from our recent consultation on new digital City services. I’m sorry to say it’s taking a little longer than expected. The ideas that were suggested are still available for you to check out: you can click here to read … Read More

Coming soon: Results from our “new digital services” consultation

We asked, you answered! We were very happy with the number, quality and breadth of ideas we received for new digital services from the City that could make your life easier or business better. Quick recap: we’re building a digital one stop shop called myGuelph to access the City, including services, information, opportunities to participate and more. The idea is … Read More