Big week for the Civic Accelerator!

More specifically, last Thursday, October 6, was a big day for the Civic Accelerator.

There were events and articles locally here in Guelph, some attention at a big conference in Toronto and even an international shout-out from Madrid. Here’s the summary:

“New technologies in city building:” Mayor Cam Guthrie discusses the Accelerator at City Age in Toronto.

Civic Accelerator Solutions Partners do their first product demo since the embed started.

This event generated articles in some local outlets.

Guelph Today: More details unveiled in Civic Accelerator process

Guelph Mercury-Tribune: City of Guelph pairing with start-ups to tackle complex problems

Finally, an international shout out for Guelph from the International Open Data Conference in Madrid, Spain!

Credit for all of the above goes to the great team across the City of Guelph and our partners for bringing us to this point.